Glass Wheelhouse

After 33 years of owning and operating the Spirit of Adventure, Mike Keating proudly announced in Spring 2021 the new owner and operator, Captain Evan Kraft. Evan Kraft has been mentored by Captain Mike Keating and Captain Brian Evans for the last decade while working on the Spirit of Adventure and has been passed down the knowledge and skills that can only be acquired from a lifetime experience on the water. Evan Kraft is excited to carry on the SPIRIT tradition with passion and enthusiasm.

Also operating the Spirit Of Adventure now for over 30 years is Captain Brian Evans. Both of their experience, intuition and natural ability to find fish is second to none. They are among the hardest working captains in the business and will tirelessly work to “put you on the fish”. Not only are Captain Brian and Captain Evan extremely adept at locating fish but they are also friendly, helpful and truly dedicated to giving you the best possible trip.

Mike in Pilothouse

On deck there are always four experienced deckhands ready to help you in any way possible whether you are a first-timer or an experienced angler. There are always two chefs on board of every trip aiming to make you some of the finest “Homemade”, fresh meals that you will ever experience. The portions are generous and they will always make sure everyone eats good!

Every crew member on the Spirit of Adventure is hand picked so that you can rest assured knowing that every passenger will recieve professional customer service.