Fish Report for 8-31-2023

CJ Hamren group 2 day

Evan Kraft

We returned with CJ Hamren's group 2 day trip this morning. The first day out we had tried a few foamers and had a small window of showing bluefin for a quick shot on 25-30lb fish. The first night was essentially non existent for bluefin and we never saw any schools in the dark. The second day we had fish find us in our greylight drift and we had fish from 30 to 110lbs hanging all morning. After drying up we saw a good length midday lull without seeing much. In the afternoon we had another school of 60lb bluefin stick with the boat and started hooking them 1 at a time and pulled on fish into the dark. We had some casualties but most fish made long battles on the 40lb rental gear. We ended up with a nice catch amd the guys were pumped. Thanks to all the CJ Hamren group guys for coming out. We are on our way south on the goodman 8 day, wish us luck.