Fish Report for 6-3-2024

Returned This Morning With A Nice Bag of Bluefin

Evan Kraft

Our 2 day open trip returned this morning with a nice bag of bluefin tuna. We opted to head west for the larger sized fish despite the less than perfect wind forecast. Through the windy conditions, our anglers toughed it out, fishing hard the whole trip. We had bites right away on our first stop of the trip and had a couple of very long drifts in the dark for a nice mixed grade catch. The next day, we followed the fish north another 15 miles to have a few more opportunities before having to head home. Even though the sea state was challenging, we had a great time nonetheless. Daytime bites came on 40# flyline, dropshot style sinker rigs, and small knife jigs. Most night time bites came from Eddie bombs and smaller knife jigs.