Fish Report for 8-8-2013

Spirit of Adventure returns from their "Big Ten" 5 Day trip

Bill Roecker
Annemarie Keating offered information about the Spirit of Adventure's latest trip, which arrived at H&M Landing August 7. "The Big Ten five-day fishing charter returned on the Spirit of Adventure," she wrote, "with a catch of 270 Yellowtail, 27 Bluefin, 15 Yellowfin and two White Seabass."

Jackpot winner was Jeremy Kassel with a 40.45-pound Bluefin.
2nd place went to Al Hirst with a 38-pound Yellowtail.
"Third place to Ying Lee with a 37.6-pound Bluefin.

"Charter Master Phil Kassel mentioned that the Big Ten have been fishing each year on the Spirit since Mike Keating bought the boat from Joe Dunn in the late 80's. They fished with Joe Dunn before that. Phil said that it all began in 1953, when the group came to San Diego to go on one-day trips. There were no overnight trips in these days but the boat would travel only 10 miles out and come back with lots of Albacore. Phil Kassel can look back on 60 years of sport fishing."