In over 30 years of service the Spirit Of Adventure has catered to guests from all around the world. The vessel is exceptionally versatile and can be chartered for custom trips accommodating up to 28 passengers. Past charters have included itineraries for whale watching, bird watching, scientific research, family vacations, corporate events, photographers and more.

One of our most popular and long-standing charters is our Baja nature watching tours. The waters surrounding the Baja California peninsula possess an abundance of marine life and can offer truly life-changing experiences. It is one of the best places in the world for watching whales and other marine mammals. On these trips, we explore the baja coast by sea visiting various destinations including San Benitos Islands, San Ignacio Lagoon and the Sea of Cortez. Not only do we hope to encounter friendly grey whales, giant blue whales, courting humpback whales, dolphins and over 10 other marine mammal species, but there is a long list of seabirds and other marine animals that are possible to see. These spring-time 11 day trips depart from San Diego and end in Cabo San Lucas.

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